VSYS Coin Penetration, System V Crypto Network Token

Jakarta V Systems or VSYS is set to lead the launch of the new Web 3.0 economy by building a blockchain-based cloud database system that simplifies the creation of new blockchain networks and decentralized applications.

According to a report by Coinmarketcap, on Friday (April 28, 2023) VSYS removed barriers to entry that limited the development and deployment of blockchain technology applications. Within the V Systems ecosystem, there is a utility crypto token called VSYS Coin.

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VSYS Coin is the core of the VSYS network and is powered by an innovative consensus model that solves the scalability and power issues posed by traditional consensus models such as Proof of Work and Proof of Stake.

The Vsys model uses a super contract-based consensus model that solves the problem presented by Proof of Stake.

By driving network participation and node hardware upgrades, the VSYS Supernode Proof-of-Stake (SPoS) consensus model ensures network integrity and rewards VSYS Supernodes and coin holders while providing high scalability and transaction throughput.

Benefits of VSYS Coin Holders

Holders of VSYS Coins who lease coins to Super Nodes to participate in the mining process are rewarded with interest. Leasing coins on the VSYS network is very simple. Users simply open the VSYS Coin Wallet app and select a Super Token from the easy-to-navigate Supernode Marketplace.

VSYS token holders compete to lease VSYS tokens to super nodes and register the next block. When the supernode prints the next block, the mint prize is passed to the supernode, which shares the prize with the VSYS coin holders who rent the coin.

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